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Machine Learning Projects

Following is the list of all the Projects you will get when you buy Deep Learning Projects package.

Buy Deep Learning Projects
  1. Google Stock Price Prediction using LSTM – with source code
  2. Image Captioning using Deep Learning – with source code
  3. Generating cifar-10 fake images using Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks (DCGAN)
  4. Helmet and Number Plate Detection and Recognition using YOLOv3
  5. Invisible Man using Mask-RCNN – with source code – fun project 
  6. Neural Style Transfer – with source code
  7. Sudoku Solver – with source code
  8. Human Segmentation using U-Net
  9. Milk Production prediction for next year using LSTM – with source code 
  10. Emotion Detector using Keras – with source code
  11. MNIST Handwritten Number Recognition – using Deep Neural Networks 
  12. Monkey Breed Classification using Transfer Learning – with source code
  13. MNIST Handwritten number recognition using Keras – with live predictor
  14. AI learns to play Flappy Bird Game – fun project – with source code
  15. Age Detection using CNN with Keras – with source code
  16. Fire and Smoke Detection using CNN with Keras – with source code
  17. Cats and Dogs Classifier – easiest way – with source code
  18. Dimensionality Reduction using Autoencoders

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