Buy Machine Learning Projects

Machine Learning Projects

Following is the list of all the Projects you will get when you buy Machine Learning Projects package.

Buy Machine Learning Projects
  1. Object Detection using SSD – with source code 
  2. Social Distancing using YOLOv3 – Object Detection – with source code
  3. Self Organizing Maps – simplest way – with source code
  4. Pedestrian Detection using HOGs in Python – simplest way 
  5. Face Recognition based Attendance System – easiest way 
  6. IPL Score Prediction with Flask app – with source code
  7. Weight Category prediction using Random Forest – with source code
  8. How to perform Face Recognition using KNN – with source code
  9. Flight Price Prediction with Flask app – with source code 
  10. House Price Prediction – USA Housing Data – with source code
  11. Stock Sentiment Analysis using headlines – with source code
  12. Wine Quality Prediction – with source code
  13. Bank Note Authentication using Random Forest – with source code
  14. Flipkart Reviews extraction and sentiment analysis with Flask app 
  15. Movie Recommendation System – 2nd way 
  16. How to find the most dominant colors in an image using KMeans clustering
  17. Movie Recommendation System – 1st way
  18. Credit Card Fraud Detection – easy way
  19. Face and eye detection in cv2 using Haarcascades – with source code
  20. Spam Detection using Count Vectorizer – with source code
  21. House Tax Prediction using Random Forest – Boston Housing Data

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