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HealthCure – an all in one medical solution – medical project – 7 disease detections – 2023

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So guys here comes one of the most advanced data science medical projects that I have done till now in my whole Data Science journey. It is called HealthCure which is an all-in-one medical solution. We know the future is all about AI so here is my idea of bringing 7 disease detections under one platform using the power of AI. Although these results are perfect yet an experiment we did, which can prove to be a revolution in the coming years.

The main advantage of this project is that we can get the test results immediately at our home with a just few clicks.

7 disease detections:

A quick recap of Convolutional Neural Networks…

All Disease Detections…

Covid-19 Detection

Main Page

Brain Tumour detection

Main Page
Result Page

Breast Cancer Detection

Main Page
Result Page

Alzheimer Detection

Main Page
Result Page

Diabetes detection

Main Page
Result Page

Pneumonia Detection

Main Page
Result Page

Heart Disease Detection

Main Page
Result Page

Future Scope…

How to run the project

Video Tutorial

Checkout the video tutorial here –

Download the app from here

Create a conda environment and install the required libraries

conda create -n healthcure python=3.9
conda activate healthcure 
pip install opencv-python numpy tensorflow scikit-learn imutils flask xgboost

When you have successfully created the environment, installed the required libraries, and activated it, simply run the following command in the terminal.

flask run

NOTE – This was my college major project which I did with the help of my 1 more teammate Yash Kelkar.

About Training Code, PPT, and Project Report…

Also, I am getting a very high number of requests for Training Files, PPT, and Project reports. So I have finally decided to share those with the people who are in real need. But as you know quality doesn’t come for free…

So, If you are really interested and want all the resources which include Training Code + App + PPT + Project Report, you have to pay a minimalistic fee of ₹500 and send me the payment screenshot at

You can Pay using the button below…

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People outside India can use Paypal to pay me – Every ₹500 project costs $7 for International clients.

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Do let me know if there’s any query regarding data science projects or medical projects by contacting me via email or LinkedIn.

So this is all for this blog folks, thanks for reading it and I hope you are taking something with you after reading this and till the next time …

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