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Unique NLP Projects with Source Code – 2023

NLP Projects

Hey guys, here you can find your next Natural language processing (NLP Projects) with proper explanation and source codes provided.

It is always good to have practical insight into any technology that you are working on. Though textbooks and other study materials will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to know about any technology but you can’t really master that technology until and unless you work on real-time projects.

Must Checkout NLP Projects

This blog is going to be a very short blog where we will see the magic of Words to Vectors using Spacy library and also we will prove that King-Man+Woman = Queen. This is going to be a very interesting blog

So guys in this blog we will see how we can perform topic modeling using Latent Dirichlet Allocation. What we do in Topic Modeling is we try to club together different objects(documents in this case) on the basis of some similar words. This means that if 2 documents contain similar words, then there are very high chances that they both might fall under the same category.

In this blog, we will be implementing a Fake news Classifier using Embeddings and LSTM layers of Keras library. We have custom-made the architecture in this project.


Topics Covered

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