Python Program to Convert String to Datetime – 2024

Hey guys, in this blog we will see a Python Program to Convert String to Datetime.

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Example 1: Using the DateTime module

from datetime import datetime

my_date_string = "Oct 04 2022 01:33PM"

datetime_object = datetime.strptime(my_date_string, '%b %d %Y %I:%M%p')



<class 'datetime.datetime'>
2022-10-04 13:33:00
  • We have used the datetime.strptime() method here to parse our string to datetime dtype.
  • We have to mainly provide 2 arguments, the date string and the format in which our string date is.

Example 2: Using the dateutil module

from dateutil import parser

date_time = parser.parse("Oct 04 2022 01:33PM")



2022-10-04 13:33:00
<class 'datetime.datetime'>
  • Here we have used the dateutil python module to convert our string date to a datetime object.
  • In this case we don’t have to provide the format as we did in the first example.

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