Python Program to Shuffle Deck of Cards – 2023

Hey guys, in this blog we will see a Python Program to Shuffle Deck of Cards.


# Python Program to Shuffle Deck of Cards

# importing modules
import itertools, random

# make a deck of cards
deck = list(itertools.product(range(1,14),['Spade','Heart','Diamond','Club']))

# shuffle the cards

# draw five cards
print("You got:")
for i in range(5):
    print(f"{deck[i][0]} of {deck[i][1]}")


You got:
8 of Diamond
3 of Spade
12 of Spade
1 of Heart
6 of Diamond
You got:
9 of Spade
12 of Diamond
4 of Diamond
5 of Spade
10 of Club
You got:
6 of Diamond
10 of Spade
7 of Diamond
11 of Diamond
4 of Club

We have simply created all the combinations of cards possible using the following command.

deck = list(itertools.product(range(1,14),['Spade','Heart','Diamond','Club']))

And then randomly picking out 5 from them.

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