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20+ Unique Machine Learning Projects with Source Code – 2023

Machine Learning Projects

Hey guys, here you can find your next Machine Learning project with the proper explanation and source codes provided.

It is always good to have a practical insight into any technology that you are working on. Though textbooks and other study materials will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to know about any technology but you can’t really master that technology until and unless you work on real-time projects.

Must Checkout Machine Learning Projects

This is a project that I chose as my college’s final year major project and guess what, it went pretty well. This project uses various advanced techniques like CNNs, VGGs, XGBoost, etc for performing 7 disease detections. This is one of the best Machine learning projects in Python.

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These 7 detections are Covid Detection, Alzheimer Detection, Brain Tumor Detection, Breast Cancer Detection, Pneumonia Detection, Heart Disease Detection, and Diabetes Detection.

This project can be your Machine learning project with source code for the final year. I myself made this my final year major project.

In this blog, we will use Single Shot Detections for performing Object Detection using SSD in the simplest way possible. SSDs are very fast in Object Detection when compared to those big boys like R-CNN or Fast R-CNN, etc. This is going to be a very fun project with endless use cases.

This project can be your Machine learning project with source code for the final year.

This is also a very advanced project in which I used object detection on a camera’s live feed or video to check if Social Distancing is being followed or not in a locality. This project also has endless future scopes.
Social Distancing

This project can be your Machine learning project with source code for the final year.

So guys this is yet another one of the most favorite projects of mine. In this blog, I implemented a Flight Price Prediction model using different techniques and also I performed very frequent data visualizations to better understand our data. 

Flight Price Prediction

In this blog, we will find the most dominant colors in an image using the KMeans clustering algorithm, this is a very interesting project and personally one of my favorites because of its simplicity and power.

Most Dominant Color

Basically, I have performed Movie Recommendation System using two different ways. In a 1st way, we will use a user-movie matrix to find similarities.

Movie Recommendation

The simple intuition of this 2nd way is that we will be combining the main features like the cast, director, genres, etc., and observe similarities between them because most of the time similar directors make similar movies, similar casts like to perform in some similar specific types of movies.

A simple project in which we will see how we can perform face and eye detection in cv2 using Haarcascades. This is going to be a very easy and fun project. Remember it’s only detection and not recognition.

Face and Eye Detection

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